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Fearless, loyal and easily adaptable to any situation, the Norwich Terrier is a well-loved breed that does very well with families, children, or other animals. 

Known to be among the smallest working terriers, they are much sought after pets because they do so well in any environment. What's more, these game, hardy dogs are known to be great vermin hunters because they possess strong hunting instincts. Standing in at just 10 inches at the shoulder, its innate adaptability allows this cute, lovable dog breed to be the ideal companion for both city and country living. 

If you're looking to find the best Norwich Terriers in the market today, you've come to the right place! Welcome to Blackrock Kennels; we are your dependable source for the absolute best  Norwich Terriers for sale ! 

When it comes to  Norwich Terrier breeders and Norwich Terrier puppies, we know our stuff. We know what it takes to breed the best Norwich Terriers and we make sure to consistently provide top quality puppies and breeders each and every time. We've produced lots of show winners that are testaments to the quality of our dogs. All our puppies and dogs for sale are healthy, cute, absolutely adorable, great movers and have a good temperament. 

We make sure to provide our puppies with all the attention they need to make sure that they turn out the way they should. We raise them in a safe, home-like, caring environment and make sure they get accustomed to being around children and other dogs. Here at Blackrock Kennels, we pride ourselves in producing only high quality puppies and dogs. We only come out with occasional litters because we want to make sure that they get the proper care and attention they need to ensure they're the best. 

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