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Blackrock Kennels, premiere Norwich Terrier breeders.

Welcome to Blackrock Kennels, your dependable source of the best Norwich Terriers for sale. Here at Blackrock Kennels, Norwich Terriers are our passion. We are dedicated to ensuring that only the finest quality Norwich Terrier puppies and Norwich Terrier breeders come out of our doors. After all, it is this undeniable love for this cute, eager worker that led us to open our doors for business. 

When we started in 2010, our sole focus was on showing our beautiful Norwich Terriers where we could. Over the years we've produced champion show winners which are testaments to the high quality dogs we produce. Last year alone, our very own Tuxedo, was judged as the 4th most beautiful Norwich Terrier in all of the United States. We even got an invitation for him to join the prestigious Westminster Kennel club because of his beauty, incredible movement, and outstanding personality.

Here at Blackrock Kennels, our mantra is simple: if we can't give it the love and attention it needs, we don't breed it. 

That explains why our litters are quite a rarity. We only produce when we know we've got the time and other resources to devote to raising cute, healthy, beautiful Norwich Terriers that are a class above the rest. We raise them in a home environment where they are treated as part of the family. This enables them to develop great temperament and allows them to even more easily adapt to their new homes.

If you're looking for the perfect pet to love and cherish for many years to come, call us at 303-717-8007 and allow us to help you find your very own Blackrock Kennels Norwich Terrier today!
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